Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Iraq lost contact with soldiers during an operation Sunday aimed at rescuing a battalion that was repeatedly attacked by militants near the city of Fallujah, the defence ministry said.


"Forces from the interior and defence ministries, counter-terrorism forces and volunteers are advancing to clear the Al-Sijr area," Iraqi military spokesman Qassem Atta told AFP earlier on Sunday, referring to an area near Fallujah, west of Baghdad.

He said the operation was backed by US air support, without elaborating.

The strikes in Syria begin after six weeks of U.S. airstrikes have failed to significantly alter the landscape in Iraq, where the Islamic State has claimed vast swaths of territory. On Monday, reports emerged that dozens and potentially hundreds of Iraqi soldiers had been killed after militants overran a base north of Fallujah. An Iraqi lawmaker told The New York Times more than 300 soldiers died after the loss of Camp Saqlawiya.

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