Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still Searching for Justice in Falluja

A US Marine sergeant claimed he killed an Iraqi detainee in self-defense, but a prosecutor has charged that he ignored basic procedures and killed an unarmed man.

In opening statements at the Marine's court martial Tuesday, Ryan Weemer, 26 -- one of three Marines accused in the killings of four Iraqi detainees during the battle for Fallujah in November 2004 -- was charged with unpremeditated murder and dereliction of duty.

"This case is about doing the right thing.”


After Weemer's best friend was gunned down, he and other Marines found four men in a house -- three young men and an older man with a beard. The men were unarmed and had their hands up in the air, Gannon said.


A military investigation was triggered when Weemer told a Secret Service agent during a job interview in October 2006 that he had been involved in an unlawful killing in Iraq .


"Ultimately, Sergeant Weemer took the man with the beard, took that detainee, pulled out his 9 mm (gun) and shot him two times," said Gannon. The accused claimed the dead man went for his (Weemer's) gun and he shot him in the chest, said the prosecutor.

"If you're gonna execute someone, would you shoot him in the chest?" countered defense attorney Paul Hacket.

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Great defense.

Now we wait to see whether there is any justice. An earlier trial resulted in an acquittal of another marine involved.